Posted by: Sudarshan Bhat | April 22, 2011

Hardcore Trekker

Last updated on 11th September 2017

Hi, I am Sudarshan Bhat from Pune, India. I am a hardcore trekker and a nature lover. I have completed 1131 treks. I have been to 90 forts in Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka.

Sudarshan Bhat

As I have been going for treks since many years, the list of my treks is very big. So to keep it short here, I have maintained list of my recent treks only.

Following is the list of my recent treks from January 2016 onwards.

1131. Lohagad on 10th September 2017
1130. Vasantgad on 2nd September 2017
1129. Tikona on 27th August 2017
1128. Kenjalgad on 19th August 2017
1127. Sinhagad on 13th August 2017
1126. Kanifnath on 30th July 2017 (Trek from Wadki nala)
1125. Sinhagad on 9th July 2017
1124. Kanifnath on 11th June 2017 (Trek from Wadki nala)
1123. Sinhagad on 28th May 2017
1122. Kanifnath on 14th May 2017 (Trek from Wadki nala)

Visited CABO-DE-RAMA Fort in Goa on 7th May 2017

1121. Sinhagad on 30th April 2017
1120. Kanifnath & Mastani Talav on 16th April 2017
1119. Kanifnath on 28th March 2017 (Trek from Wadki nala)
1118. Sinhagad on 12th March 2017
1117. Malhargad on 26th February 2017
1116. Kanifnath on 19th February 2017 (Trek from Wadki nala)
1115. Sinhagad on 5th February 2017
1114. Kanifnath on 21st January 2017 (Trek from Wadki nala)
1113. Sinhagad on 7th January 2017
1112. Antar Gange (Kolar, Karnataka) on 29th December 2016

Visited Kolaramma & Someshwara Temple in Kolar, Karnataka on 29th December 2016

1111. Kanifnath on 23rd December 2016 (Trek from Wadki nala)
1110. Kanifnath on 18th December 2016 (Trek from Wadki nala)
1109. Sinhagad on 17th December 2016
1108. Kanifnath on 11th December 2016 (Trek from Wadki nala)
1107. Sinhagad on 4th December 2016
1106. Kanifnath on 20th November 2016 (Trek from Wadki nala)
1105. Sinhagad on 27th October 2016
1104. Kanifnath on 23rd October 2016 (Trek from Wadki nala)
1103. Sinhagad on 11th October 2016
1102. Bhaje & Lohgad on 24th September 2016
1101. Torna on 11th September 2016
1100. Kanifnath on 4th September 2016 (Trek from Wadki nala)
1099. Sinhagad on 20th August 2016

Visited Kaas Plateau and Thoseghar on 12th August 2016

1098. Purandar on 31st July 2016 (Trek from base village Narayan-Peth)
1097. Kanifnath on 24th July 2016 (Trek from Wadki nala)
1096. Sinhagad on 16th July 2016
1095. Kanifnath on 22nd May 2016 (Trek from Wadki nala)
1094. Sinhagad on 21st May 2016
1093. Kanifnath on 15th May 2016 (Trek from Wadki nala)
1092. Sinhagad on 8th May 2016
1091. Kanifnath on 7th May 2016 (Trek from Wadki nala)
1090. Bhaje-Visapur-Lohgad on 20th April 2016
1089. Sinhagad on 16th April 2016
1088. Kanifnath on 2nd April 2016 (Trek from Wadki nala)
1087. Sinhagad on 20th March 2016
1086. Kanifnath on 6th March 2016 (Trek from Wadki nala)
1085. Sinhagad on 20th February 2016
1084. Kanifnath on 6th February 2016 (Trek from Kanifnath base)
1083. Shivneri on 16th January 2016 (Trek from Junnar ST Stand)
1082. Kanifnath on 2nd January 2016 (Trek from Wadki nala)
1081. Sinhagad on 1st January 2016



  1. nice sir…………!!!!!!!!!!!!,we have met u at last Sinhgad Trek

  2. hello sir…..Its me nilesh sasane. We meet on 31st dec on your birthday, remember. really sir you are great treker. simply hats of to you

  3. Nice Sir…..!

  4. Only few ppl …ho really find their passion of life and do it …i still remember trek with you and you make us walk for 12km. 🙂

  5. Dear sir

    Its really and awesome feeling for me after knowing your another side ..

    First a big congratulations sir for your 1000 treks.

    Wish to talk with you over few topics, so if possible please mail your contact details please.

    Looking forward to hear from you

    Thank you
    Srikant Himanshu

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