Posted by: Sudarshan Bhat | April 22, 2011

Hardcore Trekker

Last updated on 20th May 2019

Hi, I am Sudarshan Bhat from Pune, India. I am a hardcore trekker and a nature lover. I am a Legend of Trekking in Sahyadri and proud to be one. Completed 1175 treks till now and my target is to complete 2000 treks. I have been to 92 forts in Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka.

Sudarshan Bhat

I have been going for treks since many years. I started trekking in 1987. My first trek was to Sinhagad fort in 1982 when I was in school in 5th standard. This is how it started. I started liking forts, mountains, nature etc. Gradually, my hobby turned into passion.

I have actively participated in many Temple restoration, Fort restoration, Fort cleaning, Forest cleaning, Tree plantation & Blood donation drives. I have conducted many free treks for students and groups.

I have maintained the list of all treks in my personal diary. The list of my treks is very big. So to keep it short here, I have maintained list of my recent treks only.

Following is the list of my recent treks from January 2018 onwards.

1175. Ramdara on 19th May 2019
1174. Kanifnath on 5th May 2019
1173. Malhargad (Sonori) on 1st May 2019
1172. Mengjai on 21st April 2019
1171. Bhamchandra on 7th April 2019
1170. Shibar on 17th March 2019
1169. Vairatgad on 3rd March 2019
1168. Sinhagad on 17th February 2019 (Trek from Kalyan – Kondhanpur side)
1167. Ghangad on 3rd February 2019
1166. Kanifnath on 6th January 2019
1165. Chandan-Vandan on 9th December 2018
1164. Karla Caves on 25th November 2018 (Trek from Karla phata)
1163. Sinhagad on 17th November 2018
1162. Kanifnath on 15th November 2018 (Trek from Wadki nala)
1161. Deviramma on 8th November 2018
1160. Mullayanagiri on 8th November 2018
1159. Raireshwar on 7th October 2018
1158. Narayangad on 2nd September 2018
1157. Jejuri Gadkot to Kade Pathar and back on 19th August 2018
1156. Sinhagad on 5th August 2018
1155. Kenjalgad on 22nd July 2018
1154. Visapur on 8th July 2018 (Trek from Bhaje village)
1153. Neelkanteshwar on 24th June 2018
1152. Dhavaleshwar (Dhavalgad) on 10th June 2018
1151. Duke’s Nose on 27th May 2018
1150. Kanifnath on 21st May 2018 (Trek from Wadki nala)
1149. Sinhagad on 19th May 2018
1148. Mastani Talav to Zhendewadi Mountain Trek on 13th May 2018
1147. Kanifnath on 29th April 2018 (Trek from Wadki nala)
1146. Govardhan on 8th April 2018
1145. Dive Ghat on 25th March 2018
1144. Ramdara on 11th March 2018
1143. Surya Parvat on 25th February 2018
1142. Torna on 11th February 2018
1141. Visapur on 21st January 2018
1140. Korigad on 7th January 2018